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I'm a human who likes to do my research.  I need to see the proof. And I understand that making this investment in yourself is a big deal.  so read through what others have to say about it. 

Before I started coaching, I was completely lost...  now I am in awe, and full gratitude, living my dreams.

I felt unsure of what I wanted to do or how I could even do it. I wanted to live in a place I felt connected to, pay my debts, feel passionate about my work, and connected to a community, but none of that was happening for me.  I wanted to create a personal business that would give me freedom with my time and purpose in my work. 


I came across your services a week after I had the AHA moment of "I need to redirect my life and find someone who can help me." I was in a lot of physical pain that was being triggered at work, and triggering emotional pain.

Entering the coaching series, I thought I wanted to find a job, but what I realized by the end of the first session was what I really wanted, something I had been running from for a long time.  


I am in awe, and full gratitude, that almost a year ago I spoke with Lia and said "my dream is to live on Miami Beach, teach yoga, coach, and make jewelry."  Here I am. 

Throughout this series, I made major changes: ending a job, starting a new one, saving for my own place, packing up my life (and plants!) and moving to a sunnier spot, despite all the unknowns.  Now the meaningful work I was seeking is flowing to me, new doors continue to open that I didn’t even expect, and most important, I spend time doing what I love! 

The biggest changes I’ve noticed in myself are courage and confidence.  I recognize the fear that comes up, but I don’t let it hold me back as I used to, I take action instead. 

-Amanda bianca e.

founder of Wired In LOVE, Storyteller, Yogi, Coach 

miami beach, FLorida


I rave to my friends about my sessions.  I tell them how productive I feel, and how eased my mind is.

I was feeling overwhelmed with my demanding job and struggling to feel centered.  I knew there were areas of life that needed to move forward, but I couldn’t decide exactly what and how to make that happen.  I struggled to build routine around a consuming and chaotic schedule.  I started an environmental initiative that I was excited about, but had some uncertainty on how to move it forward, and fear of failure that was turning my excitement into anxiety…   


My work with Lia helped me to emerge from the chaos in my life. 


Now I’m more at ease with my present and future.  Because of Lia’s support and accountability, I have peace of mind and confidence knowing that these goals are always moving forward. 

-Alyse A.

Founder of Project Green Flag & Yacht Chef 

British Virgin Islands


Work with this woman.  She is a life changer.

Lia was my first experience working with a life coach, and must I say it was a wonderful experience!  Lia’s radiant energy from her can-do attitude combined with her empathetic heart to work on the tough stuff was the exact support I needed to help me achieve my goals.  Through working with Lia, I was able to be less hard on myself, be more accepting of who I am, and be accepting of what my life has entailed. 


You will leave your coaching series with Lia feeling a sense of motivation, be more in control of what you really want from life, and leave with a higher appreciation for yourself. 

-Ellen B. ​

Audiologist & Life Coach  

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

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I started to believe in myself more.

I realized that with the focus and clarity around what I wanted out of a career and out of life, things started to move in the right direction. 

I was working at an internship with a terrible boss, feeling miserable and unappreciated. I was also feeling overwhelmed with the job search given that I was right out of school and had little experience in my current profession.


Coaching helped me think about bigger picture goals of what I wanted out of life and not get stuck in only thinking about what I previously thought was possible. 


Lia provided me with many tools and resources to start to work on making those things happen.  She always reminded me to be compassionate with myself along the way. Lia was so upbeat, positive and creative in her way of approaching the challenges I was feeling when I started the coaching process. I can’t thank her enough!! A wonderful experience with an amazing person!!

-Sara m.


freelancer, bookkeeping & admin specialist

Portland, OREGON


Going through the tough transition period with a person like Lia in my corner was so comforting.

At the beginning of my senior year of college, I was conflicted about what I wanted to do after graduation. During my sessions with Lia we talked about how I felt in the moment and different aspects of where I wanted to see myself in the future. From talking to her and discussing the journal prompts she gave me, I made new realizations and it provided me clarity on what was most important to me. 


She provided me so much support and guidance throughout our time together and is overall such a kind person!

I highly recommend her services!

- Emily B.

Pre-Med Student, Columbia University

New York, New york


The biggest change I’ve observed in myself is consciously setting boundaries and reclaiming my power in business and relationships. 


Lia is a supportive coach. She draws from her vast life experiences, her education, and yoga teaching to make coaching a worthwhile investment in one’s self.  She is consistent with follow-up, a motivating force, and offers helpful reminders to stay positive.  

Lia helped me determine what I can and cannot control, and this has been instrumental in boundary setting.  I’ve also grown in my journaling, which has led to big insights for further exploration.

Published children's author + business owner

new hope, Pennsylvania 

"Work with this woman.

She is a life changer." 

— Ellen B. |  Audiologist & Life Coach 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


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