hey, friend, hey.

I see you...

Stop settling and playing small.  

start (really) living life and working on your own terms.

you got this.  

Let me guess...

Maybe one of these resonates with ya: 

  • You've been looking for a job for awhile and are feeling stuck AF. If you have to write another cover letter, you may stab your eyes out with a fork. 

  • You’ve worked a few different jobs but are so dead, burnt out and turned off, you have no clue what’s next or what you want. Been there. Feel ya. 

  • You're interested in sooo many different things, suck at making decisions, and don’t know how to even begin your job search, let alone narrow things down.  Cue overwhelm.  


  • You’re currently crushing it at work, learning lots, and have growth opportunities galore, but something feels off, you just can't pinpoint what. 

  • You're looking to up-level your life.  Ask for the raise.  Contribute more.  Muster up the guts to start your dream venture.  Bring more awareness + strategy to your career.  


  • You’ve never taken the time to ask yourself what you want to do.  You’ve always been a good student, rule follower, people-pleaser, and did what you were told.

  • You're sick of feeling undervalued, un-stimulated, un-rewarded, and hate what that's doing to your confidence.  YOU JUST. CAN'T. ANY. MORE. 


Darling, I’m telling you today is the day you DROP THAT SHIT. 

>> What if you listened and got mindful about what you really want? 

  • Bring that awareness to your decision making.  

  • Trust your Self.  (See what I did there?) 

  • Start making your own rules.  

  • Get back in the driver’s seat and kick those external expectations to the curb. 

>> Start to feel:

  • More centered and more certain of your direction. 

  • More confident in your ability to handle shit (aka get your life together). 

  • Less critical of yourself and your decisions. Stop overthinking and move on for Pete's sake!

       BTW: Who is Pete?  And is his sake like his soul or Japanese wine?  

  • Like you're contributing in a more meaningful way, bringing some good into the world.  

you feeling me?  Can I get an amen? 


I know from experience...


It can be pretty sucky when fear runs the show, which is why I

want to help you

get out of there.

Work can be hard,
but pursuing what fires you up shouldn’t be.  
I’ve felt disconnected, unsuccessful, and burnt out early on in my career.  
Now after a decade working with nonprofits, education, and social entrepreneurship, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. 


  • I’ve researched, interviewed, quit, went back to school, and sabbatical-ed.  

  • I’ve negotiated work offers and received a raise every time I’ve asked for one. 


  • I’ve paid off school loans in under three years so I could have the freedom to wander the globe, as my heart desired.

  • I strategically designed my job search so I had multiple offers to choose from instead of desperately accepting the first thing that came along.  

I’ve been deep in the confusion and spent more time than I like to admit on the struggle bus.  I want to work with you to help you get off that bus earlier.  You should be riding a Rubicon, or maybe a red Chevelle with racing stripes... 


Anyone?  OK, maybe that's just my personal dream... 


Your dream is probably different, and I want to hear all about it!  I’d love to support you in making it become a reality too. 

My style is purposeful strategy + soul.

With, my mom would say, a tinge of sarcasm, thrown in the mix.


Because of Lia's support and accountability, I had peace of mind and confidence knowing that these goals were moving forward.  It relieved my anxieties about feeling scattered or like I wasn't making progress.  

-alyse a. | project green flag founder & yacht chef


Because of Lia's support and accountability, I had peace of mind and confidence knowing that these goals were moving forward.  It relieved my anxieties about feeling scattered or like I wasn't making progress. 

-alyse a. | project green flag founder & yacht chef


Get aware.  We trudge through so much of our day without knowing our own wants and needs or checking in with ourselves. No more! Understand your patterns, go-to behaviors, and how you want to BE in the future. 


Identify your own wants and needs. Not what your parents, your partner, your academic program have prescribed for you- what you truly, madly, deeply want. (Now go listen to some Savage Garden for me).  


Overcome blocks. When the resistance comes up (and it will), we’ll form a game-plan to acknowledge it and move through it.  No more staying stuck.  


Transform your mindset. Ditch those limiting beliefs, tame critical voices, and turn up the volume on self-belief, possibility, and your own worth.  


Reset and realign. Living disconnected from ourselves it’s easy to need an adjustment.  Coaching reminds you what you're all about so you can live from a place of alignment. 


Live empowered. Taking back your power, designing your life, being the creator, the driver, the one-who-makes-it-happen, is pretty dang sweet.  Once you start, I promise, you’re not gonna want to stop.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.51.06 PM.png

Lia was instrumental in helping me think about my situation in new and creative ways that would prove to be extremely beneficial to finding satisfying work. Having that constant support when I was getting frustrated with the process was huge. 

-Sara m. | freelancer, bookkeeping & admin specialist



1 x 30-min call

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zero commitment  

free woohoo! 

the customized coach

1 x 75-min session

5 x 60-min sessions

3 month series

$697 paid in-full OR

$240/month installments

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1 X 60-min consult

one-time consult

$67 investment

Let's do this thing!

dive deep with me so you can show up more for yourself and others, figure out how to play to your strengths and deliver on impact.


still thinking? 

Get more info below: 


If I had to describe my coaching experience in three words, they would be: motivating, enlightening, revealing.  



Emily B.

Pre-Med Student, Columbia University

New York, NY

Ellen B. 

Audiologist & Life Coach  

Philadelphia, PA

Going through the tough transition period with a person like Lia in my corner was so comforting.

At the beginning of my senior year of college, I was conflicted about what I wanted to do after graduation. During my sessions with Lia we talked about how I felt in the moment and different aspects of where I wanted to see myself in the future. From talking to her and discussing the journal prompts she gave me, I made new realizations and it provided me clarity on what was most important to me.  She provided me so much support and guidance throughout our time together and is overall such a kind person! I highly recommend her services!

Work with this woman.  She is a life changer.

Lia was my first experience working with a life coach, and must I say it was a wonderful experience!  Lia’s radiant energy from her can-do attitude combined with her empathetic heart to work on the tough stuff was the exact support I needed to help me achieve my goals.  Through working with Lia, I was able to be less hard on myself, be more accepting of who I am, and be accepting of what my life has entailed.  You will leave your coaching series with Lia feeling a sense of motivation, be more in control of what you really want from life, and leave with a higher appreciation for yourself. 


Alyse A.

Founder of Project Green Flag, Yacht Chef 

British Virgin Islands



Published Children's Author & Business Owner

Morristown, PA   

I rave to my friends about my sessions.  I tell them how productive I feel, and how eased my mind is.

I was feeling overwhelmed with my demanding job and struggling to feel centered.  I knew there were areas of life that needed to move forward, but I couldn’t decide exactly what and how to make that happen.  I struggled to build routine around a consuming and chaotic schedule.  I started an environmental initiative that I was excited about, but had some uncertainty on how to move it forward, and fear of failure that was turning my excitement into anxiety…   


My work with Lia helped me to emerge from the chaos in my life.  Now I’m more at ease with my present and future.  Because of Lia’s support and accountability, I have peace of mind and confidence knowing that these goals are always moving forward. 

The biggest change I’ve observed in myself is consciously setting boundaries and reclaiming my power in business and relationships. 


Lia is a supportive coach. She draws from her vast life experiences, her education, and yoga teaching to make coaching a worthwhile investment in one’s self.  She is consistent with follow-up, a motivating force, and offers helpful reminders to stay positive.  

Lia helped me determine what I can and cannot control, and this has been instrumental in boundary setting.  I’ve also grown in my journaling, which has led to big insights for further exploration.




Discuss your current wants, needs and dreams.  Learn more about me and coaching.  Figure out if this is your jam and learn about services. 



Determine your wants & needs via off-call preparation. Once you identify your starting point, we'll build your vision.  



Hop on Skype/Zoom for a collaborative conversation.  We'll nail down a plan of action that's aligned with who you are.  




You'll typically have assignments or action to take before our next call.  

Get 'Er Done!



You've put in the effort.  Sit back and enjoy your creation.  CELEBRATE!

Cue the happy dancing!


A vALUES Approach: 

Clarity: Find out how you want to feel.


Connection: Decide what will give you that feeling, define your endgame. 

Purpose: Be intentional with your next steps.

Ease: Break-down your plan into meaningful actions that you can actually achieve.

Flow: Strategize around mindset blocks, motivation and evolving needs. 

Abundance: Live the life of your dreams.  You deserve it.