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one-on-one coaching


You want to find clarity and direction on your vision for a meaningful career and life…

complimentary consult

Are you...

  • Done with settling?

  • Over others telling you what to do?

  • Fed up with your own excuses?

  • FOMO-ed out?

  • Hating that stuck feeling?

  • Frustrated?

  • Thirsty for more?

  • Wanting to show up differently?

  • Looking for ways to contribute?

ready to... 

  • Try the unconventional thing?

  • Take back your power?

  • Let go of limiting beliefs?

  • Trust in your Self?

  • Surrender?

  • Be mindful?

  • Stay open?

  • Grow?

  • Dig deep?

comp consults


Have a hankering you might benefit from coaching but not really sure?  During consult we'll discuss your interests and desired takeaways from coaching and suggest the best option from the menu to fit your needs.  Ultimately the decision is up to you, no obligation or pressure to commit. 

  • 1 pre-coaching questionnaire to identify your wants and focus within a coaching series 

  • 1 x 30-minute consult call where we'll dive deeper into your questionnaire 

  • An opportunity to ask questions on the coaching process, my background (get to know me a bit and see if we jive), what services may be most suited to your priorities 

  • Email follow-up for any lingering questions


  • No guilty feelings or pressure!  I respect your decision 100% and coaching isn't for everybody.  I do ask that you shoot me an email confirmation within 48 hours of our call with your final decision.  



By the end of our first session, I had confidence in Lia's intellect and her ability to communicate with me.   She has an incredibly warm, intelligent, supportive, and understanding personality, which was evident from our first talk.  That put me at ease and made me excited for the journey we were mapping out.

-alyse a. | project green flag founder & yacht chef



This is a 3-month series to take stock, get clear and approach a job search/transition time/life exploration with confidence and knowing.  It’s designed to get you understanding your own wants and needs and acting on them in a way that gets you the fresh outcomes you’re craving.  Together we’ll get you off cruise control so you can design and live a life with soul, purpose, and impact.   

Our 3-month partnership includes:

  • 1 x 30-minute initial consult call (free) and emailed notes


  • 1 x 75-minute intensive coaching session where we’ll get clear on your priority areas, develop meaningful goals and setup powerful actions for each (via Zoom/Skype)

  • 5 x 60-minute coaching calls where we’ll review past actions, explore new insights, work through roadblocks, and build on a plan that moves you closer to achieving those big goals (via Zoom/Skype)


  • A brief recap email summarizing your goals and actions after each call


  • Access to your own customized worksheets, journal prompts, templates to further your insights and actions


  • Email support and accountability in-between sessions to maintain that forward momentum and A-C-T-I-O-N!


  • Your investment: $697 paid in full ($23 savings) OR three-monthly payments of $240.  Payment required before first-session. 



  • Soul + Purpose + Alignment Career Sweet-spot Guide


  • Resume, Cover Letter Reviews


  • Interview Practice Questions & Feedback


Lia is incredible at holding a safe space, offering a compassionate approach, supporting the tougher emotions that arose, and helped me to see with clarity and faith.  She encouraged me when I was nervous.  I felt supported when she held me accountable.  I’m grateful to her for believing in me, even up until now.  

-amanda bianca e. | wired in love founder, storyteller, yogi, coach

Know exactly what you want but need a little help to feel fab

on your job-finding mission? 

My Power Hour One-Time Consults 

might be exactly what you're looking for...    


let's do this shall we?

if your mind has numbed out on cheetos, if you can't stand another day at work, really, what have you got to loose? 



If you are looking for the magic-pill, quick fix type of thing, sorry, I’m not your girl.  

I can’t/won’t do the work for you.  While we can bounce ideas off each other, serve as a thought partner, you are ultimately responsible for developing your own goals and actions. 


Our time together isn’t a rant session or an opportunity for story-telling.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story, but coaching is all about the forward momentum. Ain’t nobody got time to get stuck in all that explanation, our time is too precious and limited for that.  


Coaching is not a low-priority on your list.  If you feel like you’ll have to cancel sessions or take other calls during our time together, this isn’t going to work.  Coaching can’t be done while driving.  If you can’t juggle anything else on your plate right now, than this may not be in the right time.  


Coaching is a legit investment of your time and money.  It’s an investment in yourself.  


That means, you have to be ready to do the work.  Because it IS work.  There’s no coasting here.  You have to do this for you.  

But if you stumbled upon this page, you’re looking for something, right? 

I’m here to help support you in your growth, facilitate the process, hold space for your biggest dreams and soul-sucking fears.

(PS: There are no crazy ideas here).  


I’m here as an accountability buddy.  I’ll call you out on your shit- when I see you playing small, settling, or avoiding that crucial mindset work.  


Likewise, I setup a safe space where you can be your authentic self, get vulnerable, breathe deep, and together, develop a meaningful plan of action.  

more client love...


You will leave your coaching series with Lia feeling a sense of motivation, be more in control of what you really want in life, and leave with a higher appreciation for yourself.  

-ELLEN B. | life coach & audiologist

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