• Lia Hulit

How to get clear on what you want out of life (originally featured on having time)

According to Forbes, a recent study says that more than half of Americans report feeling unhappy in their jobs. Many don’t know what to do about it and feel confused about their overall career and life direction. These statistics are understandable. It’s hard to know what you think or feel about work when you’re burnt out, pummeled with other tasks, thoughts, and interactions all day long. Most days, we’re lucky if we actually sit down and eat dinner, let alone contemplate existential questions or reflect on our busy lifestyles. If we didn’t slot it into the calendar or don’t get a pop-up notification, we may never consider doing it at all.

If we want to get clear on our needs and desires, (in career and life), we need to make space: in our calendars, in our environments, in our minds and hearts.

The following tips will get you closer to getting clear on what you want out of life.

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