• Lia Hulit

5 Employability skills you didn't know you needed (A guest post on white blank pages)

I've been on all sides of the hiring equation, as a prospective employee and employer. After vetting, onboarding, and coaching new hires and seeing them take ownership of their roles and go above and beyond, I’m sharing a few tips about what makes candidates stand out.

You may think it’s necessary to meet all the qualifications on a job description (it’s not!), or have the technical skills to woo your potential employer (that’s not the most important thing). What I’m talking about has nothing to do with fancy credentials and everything to do with what your employer can’t teach you- skills that you’ll have to hone and own yourself.

Super grateful to guest post on the lovely @whiteblankpages site. Claire works with ambitious women and unique learners who are ready to tap into their potential and thrive in careers.

I was so grateful to collaborate with a fellow career coach on the other side of the globe. Check out my thoughts in the full guest post on the lovely Claire Cuyer's website: WhiteBlankPages.com. Claire works with ambitious women who are ready to uncover their full potential and truly thrive.