• Lia Hulit

Think Outside of the Box or Don’t Build a Box in the First Place

Sometimes we try and fore a round peg into a square hole. We push and we shove, and we end up sweating and cursing under our breath, but still, it’s a no go.

Does life ever feel like this to you?

I know for me it did. Every day, showing up, trying to get myself to like the job with a commute and bureaucratic rules I didn’t want to play by.

Screw Being Conventional

Hey, convention isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Don’t feel like you have to cross everything off the list (marriage, fancy title, fatter paycheck, kids, nicer car with the video screen for backing up) because that’s what most people do.

If you live like most people, you know who you aren’t living like? Yo'self!

And that my friends, is a huge problem. Major.

You’ll likely end up bored and unsatisfied, because those things (what everyone else is doing) aren’t fulfilling to you.

Try a New Job Search Strategy

Similarly, conventional job seekers write resumes, cover letters, go through a lengthy interview process, and maybe come out with a positive outcome.


If they know someone, their name might float to the top of the pile, otherwise, good luck with the little black hole called the internet and those damn online portals. Really, where the heck does that stuff go? My theory is that it probably gets sucked into The Upside Down…

I want to share a recent clients’ success.

1) Because I feel like a proud mom right now, gushing as her daughter scored a winning World Cup goal. #gorampone

2) Because there are valuable insights in her story that you could be testing out in your own life.

Client Career Wins

My friend, let’s call her Amy, was sick of the job search process. It had been a few months since she graduated with a newly minted degree, but hadn’t gotten into the groove of her search or had a real strategy to back it up. It had been five years since her last official interview and she had one on the calendar. It was given her stomach pains. The anxiety that was manifesting in her body was legit. How would she answer the questions? Could she be herself or would she say too much, lose her filter? She had a hard time balancing it all- coming across as a naturally personable human being in the interview while thinking half way through, oh shit, I forgot to check my teeth after that quinoa salad…

Her Fear

The typical job search process was weighing on her self-esteem and giving her confidence a good beating. It was starting to feel hopeless and defeating.

Her Solution

But dear Amy came up with her own answers by doing what felt right to her. She said eff this old strategy and made her own. At the end of the day, it’s all about people. Amy was a natural connector but didn’t feel comfortable at typical networking events. When she used this skill to have informal convos with people (even when it felt awkward at first), she got to know more contacts in the industry she was breaking in to. She shared coffees and built trust. People knew her face, her smile, and had a sense of how they could help her and vice versa.

  • Here’s to networking without the slimy handshakes.

  • Here’s to real engagement and authenticity with your own community.

  • Here’s to making the process work for you.

Her Results

BINGO! This is the exciting part, where the calls start coming in. A few introductions lead to more than coffee, but potential work and training opportunities. Instead of forcing herself to sit down and bang out more cover letters, Amy opened to the Universe. She let it be known to friends and family that she was on the lookout for freelance gigs, and she got specific about what she wanted. Once she shifted her mind about howshe could find work, things became easier. No more online apps. No formal interviews and stuffy suits. The people started coming to her. Now Amy is deciding how many more clients she’d like to take on (because hey, one of her top values is freedom, and we still wanna preserve that).

Moral of the Story

  • Think outside the box .

  • Or don’t make a box to begin with.

  • Be bold.

  • Be OK with being different.

  • Try something unconventional.

Amy allowed these opportunities to flow to her effortlessly because she was ready to receive.

She put herself out there even when it was uncomfortable.

She was consistent even when she was trying something completely new.

She opened her heart and mind and learned to trust the process.

These are all things you can do.

So ask yourself:

  • Where am I playing by the book, simply because I haven’t thought to do anything else?

  • What mindsets do I need to let go of so I can try something new?

  • What do I want to open up to receiving in my career?

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