• Lia Hulit

Staying in Action & Getting Unstuck

A few weeks ago, if you asked me how things were going, I would’ve lifted in eyebrow and tried to conceal my resting bitch face. Life has felt a bit all over the place lately. Scratch that. What an understatement. Life has been full of uncertainty and those unanswered questions were driving me nuts.

I had big ideas for what I wanted to be doing in my coaching business, with my relationship and career. But when I started to think about it, I was feeling the whelm, big time. What I wanted seemed so far off it was impossible. Not feeling rooted in my current space, and without the framework of concrete plans, left me on even shakier ground.

How was I supposed to get started?

You might’ve guessed it (maybe you’ve fallen victim to this too), I got sucked into, dun dun dun… a negative spiral. Instead of trying to get myself to take even the smallest of actions, I did the following things you should avoid:

  • Let my negative self-talk run wild: I heard everything from: ‘Throw in the towel now. Why get started?! You’re never gonna get there!’ It blew. And once it starts, the thoughts keep feeding off each other.

  • Start comparing: Trying to produce my own content, I was bombarded by others’ messages and advertisements creating an easy setup to compare myself to others and their businesses. I was looking at my beginning versus their middle which of course, makes ya feel crummy.

  • Get stuck in negativity: Once my mind kept seeing the lack, all my thoughts were tainted with this nastiness and pessimism. I still need to fix this page on my website… My car’s broken… Oh great, another pimple… I couldn’t stop.

  • Flirt with imposter syndrome: Then came the ideas that I had no right to be aspiring in these areas and shouldn’t be taking action at all. ‘Who are you to show up like this? With what message? What makes you so qualified with all this ‘life stuff’, ehh? How are you different from anyone else?’

  • Belittle your own value: When you talk down at yourself, it’s like taking stabs to your self-esteem. ‘Who would want to listen to what you have to say? How do you think you can be of service?’ Eventually, that voice can convince you to stop believing in yourself.

Remember, that was the don’t dolist. Watch out if you find yourself veering towards any of those behaviors and try to shift yourself to a different place and mindset by reading below.

Get Action-Ready

To stay in action and achieve forward momentum, try out some of these ideas:

  • Distract if you need to: Call a friend, throw on your go-to episode of How I Met Your Mother, get outside and walk the dog. Shifting your focus can shift your thoughts.

  • Do all the fun things: This is the type of stuff that’s going to raise your energy level and get you feeling good. I’m talking yoga, dinner with friends, and karaoke night – whatever floats your boat.

  • Amp up your self-care: This looks different for everyone. Could be a face mask, meditation, sleeping late, or cracking open a hoppy beer. Do it. Think of getting out of negativity like getting over a cold. You need some extra TLC.

  • Stop forcing: Prioritize the things that you want to do first and you’d be surprised to see how you continue to keep knocking things off your list. If you start with what feels good, the other stuff won’t seem so hard and you’ll maintain flow.

  • Circle back to your why: Come up with a list of reasons and the motivation behindyour actions. If you can connect in with your goals at a heart level (I’m talking feelings and values friends), then it’ll feel like less of a chore and instead your purpose. Something that you do with intention, where the results hold meaning and weight for you.

Wherever you are in terms of progress towards goals, stop and check yourself.

> You might be in a period of action and on a roll. Congrats.

> You may be stuck and not feeling like getting out of bed today. But look, you got on your computer and read something. That’s a start. Use this to fuel you. Take that first tiny step.

Get the inertia going, and then let ‘er rip!

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