• Lia Hulit

YESSS: As In, Can I Get an Amen, Hell Yes, Meg-Ryan-Orgasmic-Pastrami-Sandwich-Yes

When I was trying to figure out how to make tough decisions regarding job, relationship, what ultimately felt like the determinant of my entire future, I looked at things logically and then when that didn’t work, I dropped into my heart.

Resistance + Lack of Flow = NO

Sure, it’s important to notice where fear enters the mind and takes over, where tension flares up in the body as a red flag of warning, and when you are feeling uncertain, even avoidant. However resistance decides to show up for you, it’ll be there, loud and clear, trying to make itself known. Problem is, many times we are too wrapped up in our fight-or-flight whirlwind to slow down and notice it. We fail to absorb and understand it’s message.

Getting the Green Light

Likewise, we must be grounded, clear and listening for when we feel flow and the decision seems like a HELL YES! When I made my job choice (the time that I actually listened to my gut), it felt like saying YES on so many levels. It was like driving down highway and hitting all green lights. Boom – boom – boom. The Universe was opening doors. Pass go and collect $200. Cha-ching! YES to building an international career, YES to growth and new skill building, YES to relationship (for reals this time, like giving it a full shot), YES to trying to get this side hustle off the ground.

Feeling Your YES

If I had stayed stuck in logic brain, I wouldn’t have reasoned myself to these conclusions. But YES isn’t something that can be reasoned with. Sometimes it surprises us. Sometimes it screams at us and smacks us in the face. But it’s something that you don’t just hear, instead you start to feel it. Maybe it’s a smile creeping on your face when you think of spending time with a loved one. Maybe your heart skips a beat when you think about joining a rock climbing club and scaling mountains in Uganda. Pay attention. All these signs are physical yeses, nods of approval, encouragement and affirmation that you are on the right path.

It’s All Practice

Feeling into the yes game doesn’t just apply for major life decisions. You can refine this tool by putting it into practice in your everyday life. In fact, that’s what’s highly recommended here. Go do that! It's the gravitation towards your YES in each moment. The mundane choices that are backed with eagerness and excitement are all preparation and leave us feeling confident when it's game day. Feel like running outside by yourself versus going to the gym- dale! Sudden urge to bake some Irish Soda Bread? Honor the ancestors and preheat the oven. However small or trivial these tiny yesses can seem, paying attention to them, acknowledging them and honoring yourself by indulging or flowing with your YES - this all adds up to big momentum.

It’s a daily practice of honoring the mental clues, tugs on your heart strings, and bodily knowing that makes you stronger.

So when it comes time to make life-altering decisions and you aren’t just choosing between coffee or chai, muscle memory will kick in:

  • You’ll know your path of how to get present and tune in.

  • You’ll quiet down and listen up.

  • You’ll be ready to feel your YES and know how it shows up for you.

PS- If you have never felt the YES-thing before, it’s okay. It’s kinda like holy smokes, you’ve never had an orgasm, let’s make that happen for you!! Nothing wrong, nothing to fix here, just a new experience.

If getting clearer on your YES, your interests, values and what lights you up is of interest, shoot me a message. Sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to figure it all out on our own, I get it. I’d love to talk to you more about coaching or offer useful resources to help you tap into alignment and knowing.

My hope for you is that you feel that YES with your whole body, heart and soul behind it…

That you jump/fist pump/goofy grin/solo dance party (pick any or all of those) when you think about moving in that direction.

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