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You are in the middle of your job finding mission and could use a quick hit of confidence, along with some practical tips... 

this is for you if...

  • You are currently considering or in the middle of a career transition and have a clear idea of what you want 

  • You have a draft materials (cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile) that you want reviewed, OR  

  • You are looking to develop an interview strategy, practice options and tips, OR  

  • You need to prepare for specific upcoming interviews 

  • You are new to networking, have tried it and feel squeamish, or just want to put some method into the madness... 

hold up, wait a sec...

  • This probably isn't gonna work if...

  • You have no clue what you want to be applying for in the first place.

  • You know you're stuck and miserable and want out of your job, but you haven't started looking yet.

  • You don't have any starter docs (I'm talking no draft resume, no rough cover letter, no nothing) 

  • Don't worry if this sounds like you...  I'm going to do you a favor a redirect you over to my one-on-one coaching page because first up, let's get you some clarity on what you want.  



Back to Basics: Job Materials 

Looking to redo some of your basics?  Essentials can get overlooked when you are trying to hustle and put yourself out there.  Let's partner on revamping your cover letter, resume or LinkedIn profile towards the particular industry and position you are looking for.

  • Initial 1 x 60 minute call to identify main issues and suggested recommendations

  • Review and feedback for: resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.  

  • A brief recap email summarizing your priorities and actions 

  • Soul + Purpose + Alignment Career Sweet-spot Guide

  • First dibs on the latest resources in the Career Library 

  • Your investment: $67 

  • Note that your materials (resume, cover letter, etc) will be requested when you submit your pre-coaching questionnaire.  If I don't have your materials before our call, we'll have to reschedule. 














Interview Inquiry

Going to interviews can leave you out of breath, red in the face and sweaty.  Bahh.  Did that come out right?  That question caught me off guard...  Know yourself by asking the right questions, reflecting on past experiences, desired outcomes and future goals for your career.  Leave this session ready to take on your next interview and not only convey your strengths but with the tools to ensure what makes a good fit for YOU! 

  • 1 x 60 minute call to identify main issues and potential interview strategies 

  • Review and feedback for interview responses and/or interview role-play practice

  • A brief recap email summarizing your priorities and actions 

  • Interview Practice Questions & Interview Prep Template 

  • First dibs on the latest resources in the Career Library 

  • Your investment: $67 







Navigating Networking

Let's admit it, networking can be awkward but it doesn't have to be.  Jump on a call to figure out how to maximize your networks, leverage connections and do so in a way that doesn't feel like you're selling your soul but building genuine relationships.  Learn about how to tap in to powerful social and professional connections whether via in-person events, informal coffee chats or online presence. 

  • 1 x 60 minute call to identify main challenges and potential networking strategies 

  • Review and feedback for networking correspondence, strategy, platforms and/or networking role-play practice

  • A brief recap email summarizing your priorities and actions 

  • Networking Communication Templates & Best Practices Checklist  

  • First dibs on the latest resources in the Career Library 

  • Your investment: $67 


"You will leave your coaching series with Lia feeling a sense of motivation, be more in control of what you really want in life, and leave with a higher appreciation for yourself."  

-ELLEN B. | life coach & audiologist


"By the end of our first session, I had confidence in Lia's intellect and her ability to communicate with me.  She has an incredibly warm, intelligent, supportive, and understanding personality, which was evident from our first talk."  

-alyse a. | project green flag founder & yacht chef


wait, are you forgetting something?  

I know you are ready to get to It, but selfishly, I want to get to know you first.  

let's have a chat to make sure we are uber-focused for your power hour...  


Have a hankering you might benefit from coaching but not really sure?  During consult we'll discuss your interests and desired takeaways from coaching and suggest the best option from the menu to fit your needs.  Ultimately the decision is up to you, no obligation or pressure to commit. 

  • 1 pre-coaching questionnaire to identify your wants and focus within a coaching series 

  • 1 x 30-minute consult call where we'll dive deeper into your questionnaire 

  • An opportunity to ask questions on the coaching process, my background (get to know me a bit and see if we jive), what services may be most suited to your priorities 

  • Email follow-up for any lingering questions


  • No guilty feelings or pressure!  I respect your decision 100% and coaching isn't for everybody.  I do ask that you shoot me an email confirmation within 48 hours of our call with your final decision.  



ps: I'm writing it in my calendar so I don't forget.  sooo excited to connect soon!