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Certified Life & Career Coach. 

Accessible Leader. Harmonizer.

Accountability Buddy. Motivator.

Gritty Idealist. Latina de Corazón. 


I’m a yoga teacher with an MBA so I’ll remind you to breathe as we bang out that action plan. 


I love being outdoors as much as possible, experimenting in the kitchen, and all things picante.   

Mostly, I’m psyched about supporting people like you in creating a life and career that feels soulful, purposeful and impactful.

Hey, I’m Lia. 


I’m an internationally certified coach, speaker, and facilitator who helps individuals get unstuck and find work that is fulfilling and brings the impact- big time.  My clients experience greater alignment by finding the sweet-spot of their soul, purpose, and impact. 


I believe in and am passionate about empowering others with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their potential and live their fullest life.


I work to build capacity and confidence from the ground up.  

I’m all about some good group collaboration, self-exploration, dreaming and scheming.  I love meeting people from all walks of life and take inspiration from different cultures and values. 

I’m a soul-centered gal who has come to love examining the hidden stuff (bleh, feelings), doing the inner work, asking the hard questions, and inching closer to my bona fide purpose.  And I love helping folks like you do the same!    



My own struggles with self-doubt, not enoughness and playing small have led me to this realm.  Being competitive, stuck in compare-a-thons, striving for perfection and dang, never fully achieving it, left something to be desired. 


I was measuring success by someone else’s ruler and I could never match up. 


When I took the year of travel I’d always wanted, that was time to focus on me.  Remove myself completely from an environment and social standards that were no longer serving me.  Get exposed to new perspectives and ways of being.  Experiment. 


Figure out what really makes me happy and what I’d rather avoid. 


Through all this data collection I started to come up with a pretty good idea for what makes me tick and realized that when I do those things, it feels freaking awesome. 

It can be pretty sucky when fear runs the show, which is why I want to help you get out of there. Get unstuck.  Start going after what you really want.  Say no when you need to.  And heck yass when it feels right. 


I’ve got your back. 

Drawing from my qualifications and experience in life and career coaching, yoga teaching, education and and social impact - I offer the tools, resources, accountability, and structure to support you and keep you on track.  Plus, I cheer you on along the way!



I completely understand what it feels like to be lost and floundering in your career.  I remember the days where I second-guessed all my major life decisions and had no clue what I was going to do next.  

Any of this sound familiar?   

Friends, there's GOOD NEWS: There is a way through it.

You can find the clarity, direction and confidence you are seeking. I know this to be true (like deep down in my core true) because I’ve done it and I witness my clients do it too.    

In life and career coaching sessions, I help clients better understand themselves (e.g., behaviors, habits, beliefs and mindsets), so you can build off what's working, get rid of what you no longer need (ie. all that junk that's holding you back), and find clarity on what it is you want to do next.  I use powerful questions, plus a whole toolbox of customized resources, to support your self-study (gotta go deep or go home) - which then reveals clues, themes, and areas for us to further examine, inspiring a clear vision and aligned action. 


Along the way, I’ll also help you check yourself and those limiting beliefs that like to pop up and get in the way of us moving forward, while teaching you new tools and strategies to get you on the path to life and career satisfaction. 


I believe we can live lives full of abundance,

be true to our selves, and create massive impact.

If you are here, I suspect you believe in this too. I would love to support you in feeling this way

Show up in the world differently... more FULLY. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.51.06 PM.png

I started to believe in myself more. I realized that with the focus and clarity around what I wanted out of a career and out of life, things started to move in the right direction. 

I was working at an internship with a terrible boss, feeling miserable and unappreciated. I was also feeling overwhelmed with the job search given that I was right out of school and had little experience in my current profession.


Coaching helped me think about bigger picture goals of what I wanted out of life and not get stuck in only thinking about what I previously thought was possible. 


Lia provided me with many tools and resources to start to work on making those things happen.  She always reminded me to be compassionate with myself along the way. Lia was so upbeat, positive and creative in her way of approaching the challenges I was feeling when I started the coaching process. I can’t thank her enough!! A wonderful experience with an amazing person!!

-Sara m. | freelancer, bookkeeping & admin specialist

Portland, OREGON

my certificatioNS + STREET CRED

  • BA: Spanish & Latin American Cultures, Barnard College, Columbia University (New York, NY) 

  • MBA: Heller School, Brandeis University, Social Impact Management (Waltham, MA)

  • 200hr RYT Shoshoni Shambhava School of Yoga (Nederland, CO)


  • BYCA: Life Coaching Certification (International)



Lia Hulit is a life and career coach who helps stuck and frustrated individuals build meaningful careers and align with their purpose.  With 10 years in education, social impact, and international development, Lia brings her diverse experiences, yoga training, business credentials, and a solid sense of humor, to all that she does.  Lia’s blend of encouragement combined with focused strategy and practical tools ensures positive outcomes for people motivated to transform their work lives, get unstuck, and start making a bigger impact in the world.  Through her supportive one-on-one coaching, motivating workshops, and enlightening events, Lia’s creative approach inspires clients to get clear on what they really want, and equips them with the resources and confidence to move those goals forward. 


Learn more about Lia, her current coaching services and free goodies at

I'm here to help you get some more of the good stuff.

Live with soul, stay true to your purpose, and create impact. You in? 

(MY) True story.  non-fiction... 


"Work with this woman.

She is a life changer." 

— Ellen B. |  Audiologist & Life Coach 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


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