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Ready to put the brakes on auto-pilot?

 Make some changes?  Find clarity and direction? 

Sync up your career and life with purpose that feels good? 

define success on your own terms

   GET:  clarity.  direction.   mindfulness.  confidence.  abundance.  

all with a healthy dose of accountability...



Hey, I’m Lia.  

I'm a certified life coach who works with people who are frustrated and stuck in their careers.  I help them figure out what fires them up and ensure they have the guts to do it. Because the world could use more people who are pumped to get out of bed each day, show up, and contribute fully.

My clients build lives with meaning, doing work with purpose. They take full responsibility. It's their own blood, sweat, tears and inner work (sorry, no magic pills here). Never fear, there's laughs and good times in store too. Finding clarity and making changes doesn’t have to be a drag.   

Drawing from my qualifications and experience in life and career coaching, yoga training, business degree and social impact studies - I offer the tools, resources, accountability and structure to support you and keep you on track.  

No worries, I've got your back. Together, we will do the work required to find clarity and direction on a career and life that lights you up!



Lia is absolutely gifted!  She has so much wisdom and clarity, and is great at sharing that with others.  She radiates love and support. 

-alyse a. | project green flag founder & yacht chef



I've worked as an educator, entrepreneur trainer, group leader and abroad director.  When I started doing things I really wanted to, it felt amazing... right... aligned... freeing... I am pumped to get up and start my day because it was exactly what I wanted to do.


Have you ever had that feeling?

I realized I have the power to live how I want to, not according to anyone else's expectations.  I can design my everyday experience so it actually feels good, instead of something to trudge through. Instead of loosing yourself while climbing a corporate ladder or creating the image of a life (ahem, social media) you never signed on for, STOP.  

Choose you.

Why not do the work together to figure out what it is you want and then go after it with everything you've got?

Whether it's pursuing a different career (uhh, not the one you studied for, sorry mom and dad), or simply start feeling better on the daily, let's make it happen. I'm so excited to start this journey together and get you ready for a clean slate and progress that feels good.


 We'll get clear, push you closer to where you want to be, and it'll feel AMAAAZING!  

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